Multiple Orgasms Made Simple is the first in a series of books on female orgasms. It is a step by step guide to female multiple orgasms. It is a purposely short, easy read, concise, how-to-do-it procedure manual. You read the book today and today you’ll be having multiples. I promise.

No emotional surveys to fill out, no long drawn out exercises to “tone up” your chi. You do not have to have understanding of some esoterical concept; it just gets right down to the real nitty-gritty, how-to-do-it information!

This is what I always looked for but never found when I was searching and researching over the years for the elusive multiple orgasms. After asking many doctors, (remember, I’m in the medical field) as a patient and a colleague, I found that they were very well trained in finding diseases and malfunctions, but, they had no idea how to tell you how to make things function properly!!

This book was born out of my frustration of buying book after book on female orgasms just to have the author explain a lot of theory of who knows what and then they tell me to get this device or that kind of partner and experiment. Hello, do these sexperts think that I’m paying top dollar to buy a book on female orgasms and haven’t experimented?

I was looking for a “procedure” to follow. Maybe that is from my Nurse methodology type thinking and frame of reference. The thinking goes, “I’ve tried my way and have experimented without success, so I’m going to the text books and experts to give me a procedure to follow! Give me a procedure first, and then I’ll tailor it to me with experimentation.

Let’s face it, from the very first sexual experience, to the last disappointing time, we are experimenting. We females who do not have multiples, have done it over and over with different lovers or the same lover and only come to the conclusion that “I must be mission something” or “I’m not wired like that”!

Ladies, the good news is that you are wired like that as I have found that I am too! It’s not your wiring; it’s a lack of information. Yes, you too can have multiple orgasms, today, this evening or tonight, all you need is this valuable, love-life changing information!!!

If you are one of those lucky women who have never had a problem with multiple orgasms, then by all means, stick to what you’re doing, because you are truly blessed. For the rest of us one time Sally’s, try this method and see what you’ve been missing!

Do you want to be a good sex partner who will have the man of her choice , then you have to be good in bed. I used to ask my male friends, “What is a “good in bed” for you? Of course you know men; the majority of them had no words to describe it at all. They’d say something like, “I don’t know, maybe if she’d participate a little more”. Others would say something like “I don’t know, she’s just good”. I know, helpful.

After probing like I was extracting teeth or something, they would say different abstract things like “she’s exciting” or “she’s responsive.” After a while, I got a common denominator which seemed to be what they were trying to describe. I rephrased the question and asked, remember the last woman you were with that was good in bed, what did she do to make you feel that way?

Finally, I put the participating, responsive, exciting, descriptions together, and I realized that what they were trying to say was “A women who is good in bed, is a woman who is honestly enjoying, and responding to her lover”. Men like to feel like they performed well, and they judge that by how much excitement their partner showed.

A woman who can have multiple orgasms will be infinitely more exciting. If you have all of your sex organs intact, this method promises that you will orgasm over and over again, stopping only because you just want to stop or you become too exhausted. For real!

I’ve search and researched, tried and made errors, tried and failed until I finally came up with a fool proof method that works every time. Now you have it all laid out in a procedure manual, something that I could never find! For heaven’s sake, please take advantage of this bargain of the century and use it to improve your sex life!!

Iyalode R.N., Author

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